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Repetitive Tasks in R

Learning how and when to automate tasks makes your research workflow more efficient, more reproducible, and less error-prone. This workshop is an active learning "code-along" overview of how to automate repetitive tasks while programming in R. Repetitive tasks can include performing the same calculation, set of tasks, or import on multiple datasets or R objects.

After this workshop, you should know when and how to

  • use vectorized base or package functions to automate tasks
  • use for and while loops to automate tasks
  • write your own custom functions to automate tasks

Please bring a computer with R and RStudio (suggested) installed.  Prior experience coding in R is required.  I.e., most of the code in lessons 1-4 in Data Carpentry with R or lessons 1 and 4-6 in Software Carpentry with R should be familiar to you.  Complete novices to R should attend Data or Software Carpentry instead.


This workshop will be offered in person. This workshop is typically offered once per semester and can also be scheduled on request. Next semester, we will offer it as the opposite format (Zoom). Automatic captioning will be provided via Zoom. The curriculum is freely available online at: https://osf.io/p2qke/. We have 2 scheduled breaks, at a rate of about one per hour. Gendered/family restrooms are available on the same floor. Food and drinks are not provided but Bizzell Memorial Library has a coffee shop on LL1 (hours may vary) and vending machines on LL1, in the hall east of LL118 (the community room).  Water fountains are available on all floors. For additional accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact the workshop instructor or .

Questions? Contact Claire Curry, cmcurry@ou.edu.

Registration is recommended.

Friday, March 24, 2023
10:00am - 12:30pm
LL 123 Classroom
Bizzell Memorial Library
Research Workshops—OU Libraries
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