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Visualization in R using 'ggplot2

This workshop is an active learning "code-along" overview of visualization using the popular R package 'ggplot2'.  This is an expansion and extension of the R plotting materials presented in Data Carpentry, based around principles of data visualization featured in Survival Skills 101: Data-driven Visualizations

After this workshop, you should be able to use R's ggplot2 to

  • create multiple plot types that show both summaries and individual data points
  • customize plot appearance for accessibility and efficiency (including changing font and line/point size and colors, adding summaries, and grouping categories)
  • edit axis labels and legend titles and add annotations for clarity

Please bring a computer with R and RStudio (suggested) installed and R packages `ggplot2`, `RColorBrewer`, and `dplyr` installed.  ***Prior experience coding in R is required.***  I.e., most of the code in chapters 1-4 in Data Carpentry with R should be familiar to you.  Complete novices to R should attend Data or Software Carpentry instead.  Attending Survival Skills 101: Data-driven Visualizations before this workshop will enhance your learning experience but is not required.

This workshop will be offered online via Zoom. This workshop is typically offered once per semester and can also be scheduled on request. Next semester, we will offer it as the opposite format (in person). Automatic captioning will be provided via Zoom. The curriculum is freely available online at:  https://osf.io/dbp9t/. We have 2 scheduled breaks, at a rate of about one per hour. For additional accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact the workshop instructor or .

Questions? Contact Claire Curry, cmcurry@ou.edu.

Registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

Thursday, February 23, 2023
10:00am - 12:30pm
Bizzell Memorial Library
Research Workshops—OU Libraries
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